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The Farm Table at Kringle CandleThe Farm Table Restaurant is a subsidiary of the Kringle Candle Company. It is a full-service restaurant offering lunch six days per week and dinner four days per week. The Farm Table also possesses a full liquor license.  The vision for the eatery is to provide the local and destination audience with a consistently high-quality dining experience featuring exclusively locally-sourced foods whenever possible, right on the Kringle Candle campus.

The Farm Table main dining room and Tavern are housed within a carefully restored and renovated farmhouse built c. 1800. It is a classic Georgian colonial style building first erected by the Hale family and expanded over the years as their clan and farm grew. An ell was added, then sheds, and then barns once the Whited family began dairy farming on a large scale in the late 19th century. No longer a farm by the 1970’s, it became an antique store and after that a book shop.  The current renovations began in early 2011, and involved a very extensive series of modern technological improvements to make the building more functional and energy-efficient.

Executive Chef Brent Menke is referred to by Mike Kittredge II as “The best chef in the world without a TV show”. The pair met in the world of private yachting, where  Brent fine-tuned his already-outstanding culinary skills, incredible presentations and expert grasp of international cuisine. Brent has cooked for luminaries including the British Royal Family, presidents, sheiks, rock stars and America’s best known computer billionaires.

The carefully-selected wine list features approximately one hundred and fifty bottle selections classified by grape varietal, encompassing all the major wine growing areas of the world. The wine list offers many choices ranging from $22 into the hundreds. The choices include some rare collector’s items like the outstanding 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild.

There are four distinct seating/dining areas with a total capacity of 190 persons. The Main Dining Room offers the full menu with table service and the seating surrounds a massive four-hearth brick fireplace (three hearths are operational). The Tavern features a special pub fare menu at the bar and/or table service. The Carriage House is a function space designed to accommodate up to 56 persons.  The outdoor terrace area provides open-air dining for up to 70 persons, weather permitting.

More than 250 individual workers from the local and nearby communities have contributed to the extensive engineering, site prep, foundations, framing, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping and geothermal work.  All building materials and supplies were locally-sourced whenever possible. An estimated $4.5 million have flowed directly into the local economy as a result of The Farm Table’s construction since early 2011.



Depending on the criteria used, The Farm Table may already be one of the greenest restaurants in America. Here are some of the major environmentally-friendly features of the eatery:

  • Geo-thermal energy use – The Farm Table uses geothermal energy from below the Earth’s surface to mitigate the power needed for heating and cooling. A series of 57 deep wells drilled to an average depth of 500 feet dot the property. Almost two football fields below, ground water remains at a constant 52 degrees Fahrenheit, year round. Pumps at the surface circulate a water/glycol solution through the wells in a closed loop.  Depending on the season the solution gains heat or sheds it to the ground water, taking a huge energy load off the restaurant’s HVAC system 24/7/365. All of the appliances that make cold, such as AC units, ice makers, refrigerators, beer coolers, low boys, etc., are chilled using the Earth’s constant 52 degree ground water, cutting electric energy consumption tremendously. The compressor units are kept in a remote bank under constant load, chilled by the geothermal, thus preserving their longevity. This means no heat is transferred into the restaurant itself, further reducing the workload of the AC system in warm weather.
  • Energy-saving construction & on-site recycled materials – The greatest environmental benefit of the extensive renovation was the opportunity to upgrade insulation, siding, roofing materials, etc. to the most modern and efficient items possible. New blown-in wall insulation throughout the structure guarantees a “tight” yet breathable and energy-stingy building. Recycling of materials already on-site has saved countless gallons of fossil fuels. Hundreds of board feet of lumber were re-harvested from the old dairy barns to craft a new mantel, entryway and tavern ceiling. Literally tons of bricks and stone from the old foundations were used for new walkways, to re-line the fireplaces and to help construct our one-of-a-kind pizza oven. Even original roof slates - two centuries old - are being recycled into serving platters for charcuterie and other serving applications.
  • Zero-tolerance for plastic disposables – No plastic cups, plates, tableware, etc. will be used whatsoever. These items will ONLY be sourced from vendors offering compostable versions.
  • Edible waste recycling – All food waste and prep scraps will be sent to compost at Kringle Farms, literally across the street.
  • On-site laundry – The Farm Table will have its own on-site laundry, allowing for table linens, uniforms and other washables to be handled in small energy-conserving batches. There will be no greenhouse gas production associated with transport of these items to and from the eatery.
  • Super-efficient appliances – Throughout the Farm Table operation, EnergyStar certified appliances were selected whenever possible.
  • Locally-sourced and recycled items – The striking chairs and tables in the restaurant are being custom-built from native hardwoods by a local central New England crafter. All of the cloth napkins are being made by a Hadley, MA-based seamstress. The vintage pre-War table utensils and serving ware were sourced exclusively silver from the American grand hotels, including the venerable Langham in Boston and New York’s City’s famed Park Plaza.

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