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All 6-piece melts

6 Piece Wax Melts Pack

Kringle Candle's 6-piece Wax Melts Pack are easy to use, ultra-fragrant, and do not have a wick! What's that? No wick? Our wax melts are made up of an assortment of waxes and fragrances to create unique aromatic blends. Use our Wax Melts anywhere you would use a candle by placing them in either warmers that uses tea lights, or an electric warmers where flames are not an option.

Not looking for a wax melt pack? Just need a single wax melts? Visit our single wax melt collection!

Sunshine & Daisies Wax Melt - Kringle Candle Store
Sunshine & Daisies Wax Melt
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