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Blue Skies | Soy Blend
Blue Skies | Soy Blend
Kringle Candle

Blue Skies | Soy Blend


4" x 3.5"


Nothing but Blue Skies, clear, fresh and lovely florals and jasmine fill the air. This scent is nostalgic, a pretty and powdery perfume essence.  

Features: Tumbler jar, 14.5oz, with black smooth matte lid and unique design, lead-free cotton wicks with soy-blend wax. Three wicks for a fast melt, wider diameter for a bigger wax pool, perfect for larger-size rooms for every occasion. Burn Time: Clean, long burning (up to 45 hours). Highly fragrant lasting the life of the candle.

Scent notes are not available for this product.

"Our candles are part science, part art. The crucial part of the process is getting the fragrances absolutely right."

— President/CEO Michael Kittredge III

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