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Country Candle

Discover the Seasons with Kringle & Country Candle Fragrance Collections

EXPERIENCE soft sea breezes, . . .tropical coladas. . .fun in the sun. . .fresh-picked fruits and florals. . .bringing sunshine to a friend. . .fruity decadence. . .crisp cool days of autumn. . .balsam and berries. . .gourmet goodies. . .sharing a freshly brewed cup. . .holiday festivities. . .frosty treats. . .woodsy winter wonders. . .and cozy nights with your favorite fragrances of yesterday and today.

Country Candle's carefully crafted seasonal candle collections are offered in large & medium jar styles, wax melts and our innovative DayLight® candles (twice the size of a tea light). Enjoy your choice of product selections in Country Candle's multicolor scented wax candles in Fruits, Florals, Fresh, Gourmet, Autumn & Holiday scent collections.

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