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Black Pepper Ketchup



Vine-ripened tomatoes, vinegar & sweet and savory spices with cracked black pepper for a sweet yet tangy ketchup. Put on your favorite burgers, fries, eggs and in meatloaf or as a marinade. The Farm Table’s Black Pepper Ketchup is a must-have pantry staple! 15oz

Discover The Farm Table’s world of olive oils and vinegars and condiments and have fun tasting their unique flavors and combinations. Use your perfect pairings & condiments for salad dressings, dipping sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes, roasting vegetables, sautés or drizzle over your favorite dishes!

Scent Description and Scent Notes:

Scent notes are not available for this product.

"Our candles are part science, part art. The crucial part of the process is getting the fragrances absolutely right."

— President/CEO Michael Kittredge III

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