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Banner image showing three photos, one of a cup filled with lavender with lemons in the background, another photo of a skyline with hot air balloons, and one of a purple flower sitting on some smooth rocks.

Kringle Candle Fresh

Fresh & Airy Scented Candle Collection

From sea salt crystals to ocean-side afternoons, Kringle's Fresh Fragrances Collection offers candles in all sizes and formats from DayLights and Wax Melts (flameless), to Tumblers and Large Jars featuring crisp, clean scents perfect for any home.  Enjoy Agave Pastel, Aqua, Eucalyptus Mint, Ginger, Coconut scented candles and much more.

Find the perfect Fresh Scented candles for your space or visit some of our other Kringle Candle collections.