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Medium (16oz) 2-Wick Jar

Country Medium 2-wick Candle Jars

Experience the seasons with Country Candles

Our Country Medium size jar candle is 16oz with two wicks for a fast melt, big wax pool and perfect for small to mid-size rooms in your home and for every occasion. Features include our multicolor paraffin wax, easy-peel label, reusable jars for storage containers & recyclable. Clean, long burning (up to 65 to 90 hours) with 100% natural cotton fiber blend wicks. Highly fragrant lasting the life of the candle. Candle jar dimensions: 4"W x 5"H

Looking for a home fragrance option for bath or other small room?  Explore our Country Candle scents with Country DayLight Candles.

Tropical Waters
Tropical Waters
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