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New Fall 2021 Tumblers

Falling for Autumn with our New 3-wick Candles

Enjoy Kringle's 7 New Fall Fragrances offered in our 14oz 3-wick candle jars with clear glass and silver hammered lids. With 3-wicks, these candles are highly fragrant and provide up to 65 burn time hours. This jar is a favorite fall gift!

Our Flameless New for Fall are the choice when burning candles may not be an option. Check out New Fall 6-piece Wax Melts

Cherry Chai NEW! | Soy Blend
Cognac & Leather NEW! | Soy Blend
Crimson Park NEW! | Soy Blend
Knitted Cashmere NEW! | Soy Blend
Northern Lights NEW! | Soy Blend
Novembrrr NEW! | Soy Blend
Pumpkin Peppercorn NEW! | Soy Blend