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Graphic showing an assortment of Kringle Candle's Candle Tumblers sitting on a picnic table with hot air balloons in the background.

Candle Tumblers

Candle Tumbler Collection

Kringle Candle's Tumbler Candles use the best available candle components with soy-blend, biodegradable, non-toxic wax, concentrated fragrance oils containing natural ingredients, and 100% natural cotton fiber-blend wicks.

Our Tumbler Candles are made with 100% recyclable, sustainable glass jar, made in Ohio. All our Tumbler Candle jars can be reused as storage containers and much more!

Photo of Kringle Candle's Boujee Fierce and Fabulous Red Currant scented Candle Tumbler. It is a glass jar with a gold lid and easy peel black label.