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Vineyard Merlot


5" x 5"

Tightly grained oak takes on notes of fruited cognac, aspects of spicy tobacco and peppered vetiver with touches of woodland greens and powdery tonka.

Features: Our Colorful Vineyard Glass Jar Series - 26oz with four wicks for a big wax pool, burn time: up to 60-90 hrs. Currently available in 10 fragrances, this candle is perfect for larger size rooms and for every occasion! Clean, long burning with lead-free cotton wicks and reusable, recyclable jar. Highly fragrant lasting the life of the candle. H: 5" top of lid  W: 5"


Scent Description and Scent Notes:

Scent notes are not available for this product.

"Our candles are part science, part art. The crucial part of the process is getting the fragrances absolutely right."

— President/CEO Michael Kittredge III

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