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The Farm Table

Raspberry Vinegar 375 ml



The Farm Table's Raspberry Vinegar has just the right amount of citrus for a tart yet sweet vinegar for a great complement to salads, vegetables, pasta & more! Paired with our Basil Olive Oil and it's magnifico!  375 ml, 200 ml & 60 ml

Discover The Farm Table’s world of olive oils and vinegars and have fun tasting their unique flavors and combinations. Use your perfect pairings for salad dressings, dipping sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes, roasting vegetables, sautés or drizzle over your favorite dishes!

Scent Description and Scent Notes:

Scent notes are not available for this product.

"Our candles are part science, part art. The crucial part of the process is getting the fragrances absolutely right."

— President/CEO Michael Kittredge III

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