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Unscented Personalized Candle



Unscented: A fragrance-free candle perfect for weddings, dinner parties or anytime you are seeking an unscented candle for yourself or a gift! 

Since opening in 2010, Kringle Candle is proud to sponsor and donate products to nonprofit organizations, raising needed monies to help those served through the programs and services they offer.  At this time, we're proud to partner with My Pet Candle & My Candle to offer personalized/custom candles for every occasion. Every candle sold helps provide care packages through for displaced animals and shelter pets waiting for adoption. Thank you for your order!

FEATURES: Heat-resistant label, classic tumbler Jar Candle, choice of White or Black glass, 11oz with single wick for a perfect melt and even liquid wax pool. 100% Soy wax, custom/personalized product, reusable & recyclable. Clean burning (60 + hours burn time) with lead-free cotton wicks in a versatile size; perfect for powder rooms, bedrooms, office and other spaces; a valuable keepsake for yourself or someone else with memorable and favorite photos.  Coupon Discounts cannot be applied.

• Choice of Black or White Matte Jar

• 11oz Single Wick Jar with Dust Cover

• up to 60 + Hours Burn Time

• Matching Custom Gift Box with Ribbon

* 100% Soy Wax

* Made & Hand-poured in the USA

Scent notes are not available for this product.

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