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Kringle Candle

Apple Cider Donut

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4" x 6.78"

Our Apple Cider Donut is infused with spice-sweet cider notes and a lavish dusting of sweet cinnamon. Best of all, this guilty pleasure is 100% calorie-free!


Product:  Our Large Classic jar, 22oz, with easy-peel label, reusable & recyclable.
Dimensions: 4" x 6.78" 
Wax & Wicks: 2-wicks, lead-free cotton with Kringle's signature white. premium paraffin.
Ideal: for a fast melt, wider diameter for a bigger wax pool, perfect for larger-size rooms & for every occasion.

Burn Time: Clean, long burning (up to 100 hours). Highly fragrant lasting the life of the candle.

• Made in Massachusetts

• Made in the USA  

Apple, Apple Cider, Cinnamon Gourmand, Maple, Spice Sugar Crystals

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